Wax and more

The company

ROMONTA is the world’s largest producer of crude montan wax, with a nearly 100-year-old tradition of lignite upgrading. The fossil wax is extracted from bitumen-rich lignite, coming from our own open-cast mine in Amsdorf.

Crude montan wax was first extracted using a method patented by the Hamburg chemist Edgar von Boyen. The modern high-tech process used today is the culmination of years of steady improvement in our production technology.

Its special characteristics make montan wax an important raw material for many branches of industry. This has enabled montan wax products from Amsdorf to maintain their position in the world market despite the development of countless new types of synthetic waxes.

From a producer to a service-provider for multi-application waxes

Once a company concentrating solely on the production of crude montan wax and montan wax products, ROMONTA is now a specialist in niche wax applications and a service-provider in this field. ROMONTA has also become an active member of networks of experts set up to ensure that we make the most of our domestic lignite resources.

Services for the Mansfeld-South Harz region

ROMONTA has recently been making a name for itself in Central Germany as a service company and service-provider for the treatment and thermal recycling of municipal waste.