Wax and more

Investment casting waxes

Investment casting waxes from the Romocast series possess optimally adjusted characteristics, making them the ideal waxes for a wide range of applications as:

Pattern waxes (filled and non-filled)

  • rapid prototyping
  • waxes to mill patterns
  • (small) series production and one-off production using wax injection or pressureless moulding
  • art casting / jewellery casting
  • large parts with sophisticated geometrics

Runner Waxes / Reclaimed waxes

  • production of runner bars
  • extrusion / injection of section shapes

Sticky and dipping waxes

  • assembling patterns onto runner bars

Effects / functions / characteristics

  • Formation of smooth, even surfaces
    • high reproduction accuracy
    • representation of the finest details
  • low viscosity in the melt
    • simple to melt out
  • optimal viscosity at processing temperatures
    • uniform mould filling
    • good plastic formability below the melting point
  • sufficient strength and hardness in the solid state at T = 45 ┬░C
    • guaranteed geometric stability, even for large parts
    • good demouldability of the pattern from the moulding tools
  • defined contraction (shrinkage) between the moulding and ambient temperatures
    • dimensional accuracy
    • high reproduction accuracy
  • low ash content
    • accurate castings
    • no chemical reactions with metals / alloys during casting
  • optimal elasticity
    • can be used in thin-walled parts

Delivery programme / Products

Pattern waxes, non-filled
Pattern waxes, filled
Runner Waxes
Sticky waxes
Dipping waxes
Reclaimed waxes

ROMOCAST 100-Serie
ROMOCAST 200/300-Serie
ROMOCAST 100-Serie


  • return and recycling of used, melted out waxes
  • production of semi-finished goods and section shapes for the formation of wax trees
  • modification of investment casting waxes to customer specifications
  • specialist advice on the choice and adaptation of waxes for different applications
  • efficient analytical laboratory

Our application engineers will be happy to help you make the right choice of product. We can also advise you on how products and processes can be adapted to provide a solution to your specific challenge.