Wax and more


Effects / functions / characteristics

Waxes used as the raw material for manufacturing a wide range of dyes:

  • outstanding dispersion performance
    • very good wetting of dispersed materials
  • low viscosity in the melt
    • imparts low viscosity to dyes
    • creates products with high fluidity for use on fast-running machines
  • ability to bind oil, solubilise, and form paste
    • homogenous and stable dyes with no tendency for ingredients to ‘bleed’
  • high intrinsic hardness and high melting point
    • smudge-proof and abrasion-resistant dyes
    • glossier inks

Delivery programme / Products

  • modified waxes


Our application engineers will be happy to help you make the right choice of product. We can also advise you on how products and processes can be adapted to provide a solution to your specific challenge.