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Asphalt and bitumen modification

Effects / functions / characteristics

  • reduction in application temperature
    • lower temperature
    • reduced CO2 emissions
  • viscosity-reducing effects
    • easier to apply
    • application possible even at lower ambient temperatures
    • reduced compaction resistance
  • lower penetration
    • improved stability
  • higher softening point
    • reduced rut formation
    • improved deformation resistance
  • listed by the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute) as a modification additive
  • bitumen verification possible (DSC and FT-IR tests)
  • long-term studies by prestigious asphalt institutes or establishments are available

Delivery programme / Products

  • Asphaltan A preferred for mastic asphalt
  • Asphaltan B preferred for rolled asphalt and bitumen modification


  • assistance with analytical proof and documentation
  • advice on technical applications

Our application engineers will be happy to help you make the right choice of product. We can also advise you on how products and processes can be adapted to provide a solution to your specific challenge.