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Highly versatile crude montan wax

Its specific natural characteristics mean that crude montan wax is of particular interest for a number of applications. This is evident from the consistent global demand for the wax.

Traditional areas of application include:

shoe creams, finishes, lubricants, emulsions for the hydrophobic treatment of construction materials, the asphalt industry, the foundry industry and dye carriers in carbon paper.

Wax bleaching for greater versatility

Today we bleach more than 60% of all the crude montan wax we produce. By refining it in this way, we turn the dark crude montan wax into light-coloured hard waxes which are almost white in colour. This greatly increases the range of possible applications:
cosmetics, leather care, polishes, dyes, moulding and parting agents for ceramic and metal die casting, parting agents for plastics production, water-repellent emulsions for construction, impregnation agents, plastics additives, cables, insulation materials, corrosion protection agents, and desensitising additives for blasting are just some of the possible applications for this versatile material.

Customized waxes to meet individual specifications

Special applications require waxes whose characteristics are equally special. ROMONTA is developing customised waxes in association with its customers, which are optimised for their intended use.
Our application engineers will be happy to help you make your choice. We will also assist you when it comes to adapting the product for the specific task in hand.